Simple Summer

Today is our first day of summer so this morning over my coffee, before my three kids were up, I was thinking about what we are going to do for two months? I was in visioning the perfect summer and what I realized was that I want a simple summer. A summer with as little scheduled activities as possible, and just some good old fashioned summer fun! You know the summer you remember as a kid. A summer full of Popsicles, swimming, water fights, bubbles, bike rides, parks, and picnics. All the great things that make summer, summer. So this year we are going to have a good old fashioned SIMPLE SUMMER!

Today to kick off our simple summer

~We signed up for a summer reading program at the library. Yes the library! The good old fashioned library! Simple fun I said.
~Got out the baby pool, squirt guns and pool toys. At ages 7, 5, and 6 months it's amazing how much fun kids have with water!

Will post more simple summer fun ideas as we enjoy our summer vacation!

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